Kamisama Kiss

Momozono Nanami is only 17 years old, but she has never felt lucky. She has quite an average academic progress and boys do not think that she is cute. She would love to fix her school problems and spare more time for the girls’ stuff, but she cannot do that, since her father is a big gambler, who always causes her daughter a ton of problems. 

Too bad, but her misfortune only continues: she is evicted from her apartment, because of her father’s debts. However, Nanami does not curse her misfortune. One day, she saves a good-looking young man in a park from a huge phobia he has; he is afraid of dogs. 

After a small talk, the young man listens to Nanami’s problems and offers her to live at his place, which he abandoned 20 years ago. 

In addition to this, he also kisses her on the forehead to express his gratitude. It turns out that Nanami is invited to live in a God’s shrine and that the young man that kissed her actually passed her the mark of the area’s deity.

The unfortunate girl is no longer unfortunate, but her life has not gotten any easier, too. She now should take care of her academic progress, as well as of her deity’s duties.